The first EU-TOPIA-EAST workshop on key elements of screening

The first workshop of the EU-TOPIA-EAST project, which brought together over 100 participants, took place in Bled between 20 – 21 November 2023. The workshop was aimed at Eastern European and Mediterranean countries that have not yet been able to implement recommended cancer screening programmes in a way that delivers results in public health.
Among the many participants were programme managers, researchers, as well as policymakers. The event was dynamic and composed of a plenary session, followed by workshops and hands-on exercises. The content focused on communicating the key elements of organised screening, methods for identifying barriers to implementation and using a web-based tool to simulate the cost-effectiveness of screening in different countries. We continued the work outlined in the previous EU-TOPIA project, with some new topics added to the programme, including how to prioritise the introduction of new screening programmes. 

You can read more about the content of the workshop, or see the programme HERE.    

After the EU-TOPIA-EAST workshop, around 70 participants attended the 2nd Open Day of Slovenian cancer screening programmes (ZORA, DORA, SVIT) in Ljubljana. More information about this can be found HERE.

Video EU-TOPIA-EAST Bled 2023

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