Where we are going

Our vision is to eliminate cervical cancer in Slovenia below the consensus threshold of 4 new cases per 100.000 woman (world standardised rate).

Our mission is to provide Slovenian women with:

  • Best possible, comprehensive cervical cancer screening.
  • Equal access to all programme services, regardless women’s age and residence.
  • Equal, high quality programme services, regardless the service provider.

To achieve our vision and mission we will give our best to:

  • Keep and improve screening coverage above 70% in all age-groups and regions.
  • Keep and improve access to diagnostic treatment for cervical pre-cancer and cancer above 90% in women, regardless if they were diagnosed in screening or due to symptoms.
  • Keep and improve quality of all programme services, monitoring balance between benefits and harms.
  • Keep programme guidelines including screening policy up-to-date with the evidence and adjusted to the local context.
  • Collaborate in efforts to reach 90% HPV vaccination coverage.

Main future challenges and plans:

  • Implementation of liquid based technology that will enable reflex triage.
  • Renewal of screening policy, taking into the consideration primary HPV screening and other screening and triage strategies, age to start/stop/switch screening, screening intervals, women’s risk for cervical cancer, HPV self-sampling, social acceptability.
  • Decision about how to screen HPV-vaccinated women and/or cohorts.
  • Renewal of the central cervical cancer screening information system with new connection to HPV vaccination registry that will enable the real-time monitoring of the programme and supported decision making about women management, according to their risk for the disease (risk-based screening and management).
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