Monitoring and evaluation


  • Around 160,000 screening smears among women aged 20–64 are taken yearly in Slovenia, while total number of smears is around 220,000. In the pandemic year 2020, the number of screenign smears decreased for 15,154 (almost 10%) compared to a previous three-year average (2017–2019).
  • Less than 0.2% of screening smears are unsatisfactory for evaluation, an improvement from more than 5% in year 2010.
  • Almost 96% of screening smears are negative for intraepithelial lesion or malignancy, including 6 % of non-neoplastic changes in 2022.
  • Pathological changes were detected in 4.4% of screening smears. 3.8% were low-grade changes and 0.6% high-grade.
  • SInce 2010, we managed to lessen the number of screening test from around 179,000 to less than 160,000 and still slightly increase exam coverage. This is partially due to less non-satisfactory smears and partially due to better adherence to screening guidelines (intervals).


Table: Cytology screening smears by result


Jerman T, Ivanuš U, Florjančič M. ZORA Programme Monitoring and Evaluation. ZORA: Slovenian National Cervical Cancer Screening Programme and Registry. 2024.

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