Monitoring and evaluation

High-grade cervical lesions

  • Among all diagnostic procedures, 18% are diagnosed with HSIL+, while this is the case with 66% of therapeutic procedures.
  • Around 90% of women with HSIL+ biopsy have another invasive procedure (mainly therapeutic) preformed in one year period. HSIL+ is detected in almost 90% of follow-up therapeutic procedures.
  • On average, 1,500 women per year were newly diagnosed with CIN2+ in the last years, 1,400 in the target age group 20–64 (excluding the pandemic).


Table: Number of newly diagnosed CIN2+ cases by age group*

*A newly diagnosed CIN2+ case in this table is defined as histopathologicaly confirmed CIN2+, followin a diagnostic or therapeutic invasive procedure (hysterectomies excluded), in a patient without such diagnosis in the past 3 years.


Jerman T, Ivanuš U, Florjančič M. ZORA Programme Monitoring and Evaluation. ZORA: Slovenian National Cervical Cancer Screening Programme and Registry. 2024.

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