Woman's clinical path

  • The national programme ZORA was implemented and is led by the state together with health professionals. The carrier of the programme is the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana
  • A woman can attend a screening visit at her own initiative once every three years or is invited by her personal gynaecologist. If she has no cytological test result recorded in ZORA Registry in the past four years, an invitation is mailed to her by the coordination centre ZORA from the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana. 
  • Screening is performed by gynaecologists at the primary level health service. A cervical smear is collected during a gynaecological examination. It is then sent to a cytology laboratory, where the cells in the cervical smear are examined and evaluated as normal or pathological. 
  • The cytological test result is mailed to the gynaecologist. In case of a pathological result, he invites the woman for further diagnostics and treatment, while mailing the electronic version to the ZORA Registry. 
  • In women with low grade pathology and after the treatment of precancerous lesions (in case of specific indications and in accordance with the guidelines, the gynaecologist also performs a triage HPV test. A negative triage HPV test result indicated lower risk for developing cervical cancer, despite the pathological changes in the cervical smear.


Figure: Clinical path in NP ZORA

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