Monitoring and evaluation

HPV triage

  • Around 14,000 HPV triage test are preformed yearly, this number is increasing in recent years.
  • More than half of HPV tests are made due to triage after ASC-US, followed by After HSIL/CIN treatment (24%) and Cytology PIL-NS in women aged 35+ (11%).
  • Our guidelines recommend HPV triage test and another PAP test in 6 months after ASC-US screening diagnosis. 70% of women have an HPV triage test preformed in 8-months period, while around 11% only have another PAP smear.


Table: HPV triage tests by indication

Total number of HPV triage tests (100%)1,4887,86414,29213,89111,36911,61812,40612,38012,30814,099
Cytology PIL-NS in women aged 35+14.0%10.6%6.0%6.0%7.2%8.8%9.4%9.9%10.5%11.4%
Histology LSIL11.7%11.1%7.9%7.6%8.0%7.2%7.5%7.5%7.7%7.9%
After HSIL/CIN treatment0.1%18.8%48.6%47.8%37.3%31.6%29.4%28.2%27.5%23.9%
Data not available2.1%2.3%1.7%2.0%2.8%2.2%1.5%1.2%0.7%2.7%



Jerman T, Ivanuš U, Florjančič M. ZORA Programme Monitoring and Evaluation. ZORA: Slovenian National Cervical Cancer Screening Programme and Registry. 2021.

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